About us

AVM Bunker became trusted partner in the bunker market providing the best service levels 24/7. We believe that close cooperation with customer allows us to determine the best place, time and quantity, minimizing fuel costs.

AVM Bunker’s core business is international trading of bunker fuels and lubricants. We supply bunker fuels and related products and services to vessels worldwide. We ensure you get the right quality product at the agreed time and at competitive prices meeting all obligations. 

Fuel oil & gas oil

AVM Bunker offers worldwide supply of all grades of fuel oil and gas oil according to ISO 8217.

The most common types:

  • HFO 380cst: (LS & HS) ISO 8217: RMG 380 
  • IFO 180cst: (LS & HS) ISO 8217: RME 180
  • MGO: ISO 8217: DMA

With our in line blending system on our own and chartered coastal tankers, we are able to blend all fuels to match any requirements.

Lube oil

AVM Bunker can supply a full range of marine lubricants in any quantities. Close cooperation with all the major producers of lubricants allows us to provide the highest level of service and competitive price levels.